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Confronting Islamophobia

May 6-7, 2011
      An interfaith conference of Jews, Christians and Muslims which gave the opportunity for individuals and organizations to show their support for respect and understanding for Americans of all faiths and engaged the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities in better understanding and developing strategies to combat the rising Islamaphobia in our community

A Brief Report

At the interfaith service concluding the Confronting Islamophobia conference (May 6-7, 2011) at Saint Mark's Cathedral, Rabbi James Mirel opened his remarks saying "...let it be well noted, a Jew called Muslims to prayer in a Christian church. That one sentence says it all!"

The goal of the conference was to educate the public on the rising hatred in the US toward Islam.

The conference was a resounding success! But read on, your help is still needed.

Close to 600 gathered Friday, May 6th in Saint Mark's Cathedral to hear Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, answer questions and sign books.

On Saturday, May 7th, more than 400 attended to hear keynote speakers including:

muslim call to prayer at Saint Marks CathedralJamal Rahman
Yvonne Haddad
Richard Silverstein
Ted Falcon
Arsalan Burkari
Alaa Badr
Kathleen Christison
Mohammad Fani
Shirley Gazori
Hameed Afssari
Esmaeel Naeemi
Marilyn Mayers
Doug Honig
Abigail Stahl
Jennifer Gist
Salah Dandan
Jim Brooks
Jim Mirel
Andy Larsen
and more

A complete report will be posted soon at Conference Report

Mideast Focus ~ Saint Mark's Cathedral
1245 Tenth Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98102



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